Meet the Bride and Groom

For those who don't know the story, Nicole and Mike met on in October of 2009. They had their first date in November at The Flytrap, and by New Years Eve decided they'd go steady.

Mike and Nicole

Mike proposed to Nicole on June 18, 2012 during their cruise, somewhere between Key West and Grand Cayman. Mike was relieved that she said yes because otherwise it would have been a long 5 days to be stuck on a boat together (she assures him there was no chance of a "No").

Mike and Nicole live in Dearborn with Nicole's son, Seth, and their Rottweiler, Frankie. Nicole is a designoper and Mike is a cardork waiting for his designoper to make him a website.

The Date

October 26 was chosen not only because October is a special month for them, it is also the birthdate of Nicole's Great-grandmother Rosa Piazza Terracina, who is her red-haired guardian angel. Nicole believes that through prayer Grandma Rosa acted as matchmaker. Here she is with Great-Grandpa John on their wedding day.

Great-Grandma Rosa and Great-Grandpa John

Mike said this about Nicole:

Nicole is a self made one woman army. She kicks arse in more ways than one could ever imagine. She's a pretty mom, a loving daughter and a MacGyver in the kitchen. She likes good music, cars, puts up with my scheming, loves Detroit and the crazy town known as Frankie the dogweiler. She makes me smile.

Nicole said this about Mike:

Mike is a gentleman who always opens the car door for me. He is a sucker for fuzzy kitten or duckling photos. His keen ear can identify the make, model, year (and likely any mods) of anything-with-a-motor driving by. He aspires to become a grouchy old man and makes no apologies for it. He is a domestic dream, but will never admit it. And sometimes his scheming is even aligned with mine.